Ali Salman, Lebanese National, Living and Working in Scotland

Marhaba, I am Ali and I moved to Scotland to join Bird.i as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Ali Salman

Working in Scotland

I’m currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at Bird.i. Our work is centred around leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract meaningful insights and information from satellite imagery.

We, for instance, train and deploy sophisticated deep learning models to track the different construction cycles in big residential projects using the huge amount of satellite images that we have access to.

I really enjoy working at Bird.i, where everyone is ambitious and forward-thinking, your ideas are heard, diversity is a core value, and there is no limit for innovation!

Since day one of working in Scotland, it was clear how much they care about innovation and cutting-edge technology. Just look at how the Scottish Government supports and helps start-ups! Also, the work-life balance is perfect in Scotland, where many companies are flexible in working time and locations.

Living in Scotland

I moved to Glasgow less than a year ago after finishing my Masters degree from Grenoble Institute of Technology in France. During my studies, I wasn’t able to learn French, especially during the covid pandemic, which made it difficult for me to communicate and integrate with their culture. So, I started looking for jobs in English-speaking countries, which led me to the amazing Scotland and Bird.i.

Relocating to Scotland during a pandemic and lockdown was quite an experience. Luckily a friend of mine hosted me for a while until I was able to rent my own place. All the things that one needs to settle in a new country (renting a flat, opening a bank account, etc…) went very smoothly. Everyone in Scotland is super friendly and willing to help.

Scenery image

Glasgow is a very nice city with incredible buildings and lots of things to do. You can find many beautiful green parks near the city centre to go and have a walk. On weekends, you can go north and explore the breathtaking sceneries, have a hike, or just enjoy the many lochs. I would definitely recommend to come and pursue a career in Scotland.