Andrew Basekis, Greek National, Living and Working in Scotland

Yasou, my name is Andrew. I found a job quickly after moving to Edinburgh and enjoy the great work/life balance I have now.

Andrew Basekis at Isle of Skye

I work as a software engineer for NCR in Edinburgh. It’s a flexible, supportive and rewarding environment and I am so happy I chose to move to Scotland.

Why work in Scotland?

After graduating from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in 2012, I worked in IT support in Greece for two years. When I was thinking about relocating to another country back in 2014, I considered moving to one of three cities, Edinburgh, Amsterdam or Stockholm. I chose Edinburgh because of my English language skills, the software engineering opportunities and the work/life balance I’d heard so much about. I had two friends living in Edinburgh who highly recommended the city to me.

I didn’t have a job lined up when I came to Scotland, but within two months I secured a position as a Software Support Engineer at the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Scotland is a great place to develop my career in software engineering because there are so many tech companies and I enjoy working with people from different cultures.

Working at NCR Edinburgh

The NCR Edinburgh office has a real start-up feel to it. We are an agile software company but remain part of a global organisation with offices in over 180 countries. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job as a software engineer is that I get to communicate with people from around the globe, which wasn’t the case when I was working back home in Greece.

I work in a team of six people developing a new product. My colleagues are young, supportive and always looking to learn new skills. They hail from countries all over the world including Spain, Italy, India, Poland and Brazil. There’s a good spirit in the team and we play football every week as well as having regular movie and games nights.
Other benefits of working here include free breakfasts and up to 10 study days per year to help develop new skills I can put into practice in my role.

Living in Scotland

The work/life balance in Scotland is good. I can be at work in 30 minutes and easily access the city centre during my lunch break. I also have lots of free time and flexibility to pursue my hobbies which include kickboxing, running and going to watch my local football team, Heart of Midlothian.

I love visiting the Scottish Highlands and am always taken aback by how beautiful the area is. My favourite place in Scotland is the Isle of Skye. I’m a big ambassador for the Scottish way of life and am always telling my friends at home they should come and try living here for themselves because I know they would appreciate it as much as I do.

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