Christopher Mackowiak, Polish National, Living and Working in Scotland

Cześć! I’m Christopher. I now work as a Infrastructure Consultant at Capgemini. I'd recommend Scotland to anyone looking at developing a career in IT as there is a wide range of companies and jobs here.

Chris Mackowiak

After developing his language skills in London, Polish-born Christopher Mackowiak headed for Inverness in 2005 for a job with Capgemini and a new life in the Highlands, which he continues to enjoy today.

Moving to Scotland

After graduating from university in Kielce, which is situated midway between Kraków and Warsaw, I worked in various IT jobs in Poland for a while, but I had always wanted to come to the UK and work, as I liked the culture. I decided to move to London in 2003 to study English, and after I finished the course I looked for opporutnities in IT.

I came across a vacancy at Capgemini on a Polish website and was thrilled as it was not only a great company to work for, but it was based in Inverness, near Loch Ness – a place that had always been on my list to visit!

Working in Scotland

I moved to Scotland in 2005 and have really enjoyed my life here. I am now an Infrastructure Consultant, heading up a team which manages VoIP Telephony System for Capgemini UK, India (Kolkata) and local infrastructure in the Capgemini centre in Inverness, Nairn.

It's a challenging role as every day is different, from providing day-to-day support for our customer to migrating a new service or starting an improvement project. You couldn't be bored in this job!

I'd recommend Scotland to anyone looking at developing a career in IT as there is a wide range of companies and jobs here. For me, it has been a great career move, with lots of training and opportunities to progress within Capgemini.

Living in Scotland

I quickly made friends in Scotland as the people are very friendly and have a similar sense of humour. My passion is volleyball and I even found a local club to join. I still compete in competitions around the region.

I also fell in love with the Scottish landscape. There is a lot of great scenery to enjoy around Inverness, from the Cairngorm mountains to the seaside at Nairn beach. Scotland is great for hiking too, and there is a bunch of us from work who often arrange gatherings to enjoy a weekend of hillwalking in places around the country, like the Isle of Skye.

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