Daniel Castro Rodriquez,Venezuelan National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hola! I’m Daniel. I moved from Venezuela to Scotland to work as a chemical engineer for GSK. I’d recommend Scotland to anyone – I love the lifestyle here.

Daniel Castro Rodriquez

Daniel Castro- Rodriguez was working for GSK in Ware, Hertfordshire before he relocated to their facilities in Montrose in Angus. He currently lives there with his wife and two young daughters, and he has no plans to leave anytime soon.

Why work in Scotland?

I was working with GSK in England before relocating north to Montrose, on Scotland’s east coast.

I’m very happy here. The job allows me to continue my interest in sustainable manufacturing, and there are plenty of opportunities in process engineering at Montrose. I joined the plant as a process engineer, and just a few years later I’m now a process engineering Manager.

Working at GSK

I was attracted to GSK for several reasons. The biggest was the work I was doing for my PhD was linked to an international initiative called ‘Quality by Design’, which GSK had adopted, aimed at modernising the way medicines are made.

The company was changing the way it made medicines to ensure the highest quality was maintained by constantly monitoring the manufacturing processes and ensuring the quality of the raw materials, with benefits such as a reduction for the need to constantly take and analyse samples.

Living in Scotland

I’d recommend Scotland to anyone. I love the lifestyle here. My commute to work takes only 10
minutes and I have the opportunity to explore many interests – in the country or in the cities of
Dundee or Aberdeen, which are only an hour away.

I love the mountains in Scotland. Where I grew up in Merida, in the west of the country, we were in the Andes, in the shadow of my country’s highest mountain, Pico Bolívar. For me, a flat horizon is an alien thing. I just can’t get used to it.

I have settled in Scotland with my Venezuelan wife and our daughters. I’m planning to be here for quite some time.