Elias Mangoro, Zimbabwean National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hello, my name is Elias! I came to Scotland 10 years ago. During that time, I have lived and worked in both Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Elias with Kelpies

Why work in Scotland

Scotland offers lots of opportunities to learn as it has many vibrant industries offering careers in areas such as oil and gas; food and drink; and renewable energy. I’ve been lucky enough to work for a company that works with each of these industries.

Living in Scotland

In Scotland there is always more to discover which means life here is rarely dull.

Despite having lived here for over 10 years I still find the experience as one of adventure. The depth of culture and the many experiences the country offers are too many to count. Each corner of Scotland has its own specific culture, people and secrets.

I started out my Scottish journey in Aberdeen and lived there for many years before recently moving to Edinburgh. Although these are both major cities in the same country, the look and feel of both places is unique.

When initially moving to Scotland, my main issue was about feeling overwhelmed with the change compared to Zimbabwe. The language, the people and the customs were all different and I did not know where to start. Luckily, although I have said each place in Scotland is unique, one fact that is constant throughout the country is how friendly and welcoming the people are!

The Shore Edinburgh

Although I had issues at the beginning, I managed to meet many great people who helped me become more comfortable and confident in life, to the point of pursuing my dreams of being an engineer and becoming an official Scottish citizen (although my passport has a typo that says British Citizen!).

I have found Scotland to be a great country. It is a place that many others could call home and I would recommend anyone to come and see if they are one of those people.

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