Jerome Veyret, French National, Living and Working in Scotland

Bonjour! I’m Jerome. After working in California and China, I moved to Scotland to take advantage of a great opportunity with Kaiam.

Jerome Veyret Kaiam Europe

Why work in Scotland

I first heard about Kaiam in my previous job with a contract manufacturer, which I started after graduating with a Master’s in Optical Engineering from Paris. I worked in San Jose, California, then transferred to China three years later with the company’s production team.

While in China, Kaiam, a customer of ours, offered me an exciting position. It was perfect timing as I wanted to relocate to Europe anyway. My wife is Chinese and didn’t speak much French at the time, so Scotland was ideal.

Before accepting the job, I asked a few people about Scotland. I have family in England who travel frequently to Scotland and also a Norwegian friend living in China who is a big Celtic fan! The fact that I’d only heard good things really helped with the decision.

As I’m an EEA National, we applied for the EEA Family Permit, which was free. My wife received her residence card within a few months and the whole process was surprisingly simple.

Working at Kaiam

Livingston-based Kaiam produce optical modules for use in the telecom and data centre industry. There are about 250 of us in Scotland and 40-50 in the US, but the company hasn’t stopped growing since I started.

I was first hired as a Product Line Manager, spent the first six months getting the line up and running and was then given the opportunity to transfer to the position of Financial Analyst.

The new position allows me to learn a lot about our decision making process. I enjoy having a global view of how we operate as a business and giving my inputs on what I believe could be improvements. This was a very positive change for me coming from a big organisation where I had very little input/insight in the business plan.

I was surprised how quickly I became integrated with colleagues. The people are really friendly and colleagues organise social events like lunch or golf outings. Kaiam’s HR department also helped me to find accommodation when I first got here.

Living in Scotland

We now live in Edinburgh, where everything’s within walking distance: shops, bars, restaurants and train stations.

Public transport is also very convenient, particularly the airport; there are direct flights to Geneva, for when I go home to Lyon, and many airlines which fly to China for my wife.
We haven’t made the most of Scotland’s sights yet, but I plan to take my family when they visit.

I enjoy playing golf and Scotland is a great country for golf, so I’m very happy to be playing again. My wife is learning too – slowly but surely.

I would definitely recommend moving to Scotland. People are very welcoming, there are plenty of job opportunities and it’s a great place to live.

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