Joana Braga, Portuguese National, Living and Working in Scotland

Olá! My name is Joana. I moved from Portugal to work at Calnex in Linlithgow. My company has been so supportive, even helping me to move. Scottish people are very friendly - my neighbours invite me for dinner!

Joanna Braga

After spotting a job on the TalentScotland website, Joana applied – and got it.  She moved from Portugal to Linlithgow to work for Calnex, who even helped her move.  Beautiful surroundings, well-connected towns and cities and friendly neighbours have all been welcomed discoveries.

Why work in Scotland?

I got my bachelors degree in Portugal in 2000 and then worked on various research projects at universities before specialising in molecular electronics.  I then worked for a private company for nearly five years.

When I was made redundant I opted to go back to university in Porto to do a masters degree in telecommunications. As part of my job search I registered with TalentScotland.  I missed their recruitment event in Portugal but was able to find out about jobs on their helpful website.

I spotted a job with Calnex and applied.  After two telephone interviews they invited me for a final interview in Scotland.  I got the job – I was so excited.

Before the interview I had never been Scotland.  But my friends told me it was a beautiful place and that the people were nice.  They were right. 

Because I had never been here, it was good to have the TalentScotland website at my fingertips.  In addition to finding jobs, the other information was really helpful in planning my move.  I found out about things like registering with a doctor and what documentation to bring with me.

The company has been incredibly supportive. In fact when I got the job, I didn’t have money so they offered to help cover my expenses so I could move over. They also helped me find a house here.  I’ve been amazed by how friendly and supportive everyone has been.

Working at Calnex

I’m a test engineer so I test the telecommunications equipment we build and try to find faults.  If I find any I pass them onto colleagues who then fix the faults. By the time it goes to the client it has been well-tested and is a top quality product.

Living in Scotland

I live in Linlithgow and I really like it.  It’s a small, quiet town and very beautiful.  The neighbours are incredibly friendly - they often invite me round for dinner.

Even though it’s small, there’s always something happening here.  We recently had a folk festival and there are often parades to go and see.  I’m near the train station so I can go to larger nearby cities Glasgow and Edinburgh easily, which is nice.

TalentScotland has been an excellent source of information. I’ve even been able to read about other people who have moved to Scotland and had good experiences.  I told my friends in Portugal that they should register too.