Kim Kjaerside, Danish National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hej, I’m Kim and when I was given the choice to move to Scotland it did not take a lot of convincing by my Scottish partner (now my wife of 13 years) for me to say yes to the move.

Kim Kjaerside

Work in Scotland

I have been working in Scotland for 16 years and in that time worked with many organisations and institutes from across Scotland. It has given me a great insight into the sheer passion for telling the story of the great work carried out and the inventions made here, by people of all nationalities living in Scotland.
I have always found the people of Scotland to be open and honest, also very personable which in my industry makes it a pleasure showcasing what we do best.
Not only is my industry, the hospitality and events industry a small industry, but so are many in Scotland and once you get to know people, you realise just how keen they are to collaborate and make the most of the country we all call home.

Working at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh

I now work at the Dovecot Studios, a world-class tapestry and rug tufting studio and events venue in Edinburgh. I work in the Business Development and Sales team, working with both local, national and international organisations, hosting an array of events from receptions, to banquets, conferences and even weddings.

We also sell our tapestries and rugs and even commission work for individuals and organisations. “Dovecot’s unique venue offers more than just space; it is an environment with a creative backdrop and intriguing history which provokes thought and inspires visitors” You could just as well be talking about Scotland in that last sentence…
I may be slightly biased, but I could not recommend a move to Scotland enough. Between cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, along with Aberdeen and Dundee, there are so many opportunities with so many forward thinking and innovative organisations, coupled with a perfect work life balance. Scotland may be small, but it’s truly international and accessible from anywhere.

Living in Scotland

Living by Portobello, a costal suburb of Edinburgh, it is an ideal location for a family with young kids. We have a five year old starting school in 2021 and our 2 year old in a local nursery, where we have all made a lot of good friends over the years.


Our ‘Scottish’ lifestyle very much focuses on being out and about exploring Scotland when at all possible. If I was to say the one thing I love the most about Scotland, it has to be that, even though we live in the City, we have the great outdoors on our doorstep and with a short drive have the beaches of East Lothian, rolling hills of the Scottish Borders or in two hours we find ourselves in the Highlands.

Life in Lockdown

Personally, I loved that we were able to spend our daily walks in local fields and by the burn or cycling along the coastline into East Lothian. As a family we spent time exploring our local orchards, made small adventures in the local woods and found new paths we never knew existed before lockdown.

Sunset in Scotland

Being a keen photographer, I also made the most of the spring sunrises and sunsets, coupled with morning or evening walks for a bit of time to clear my head! When staying local, meant staying in and around Portobello and Edinburgh, it made the epidemic feel a bit less painful.

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