Laura Sodaymay, French National, Living and Working in Scotland

Bonjour, my name is Laura! After studying in Scotland as part of my undergraduate degree I returned three years later to live and work here as I really wanted to enjoy life in Scotland again and to learn more about the country.

Laura Sodaymay

Why work in Scotland

Thanks to a partnership with my University in France, I had the chance to study International Management at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen during my last year of my undergraduate studies.

During that year, I discovered what a beautiful country Scotland is and, above all, the benevolence and generosity of Scottish people.

Three years later, I moved to Edinburgh with my partner, who I had met in Aberdeen to enjoy life in Scotland again. Scotland has a lot to offer: a high quality of life; a very rich culture; together with splendid and varied landscapes. We chose to live in Edinburgh because we felt that this city had all the advantages of a big city while also maintaining a community spirit.

Railway bridge

Working in Scotland

I work as a Brand Protection Specialist for SnapDragon Monitoring Ltd. This is a very innovative company specialised in online brand protection and based in Edinburgh. I really enjoy working with SnapDragon’s friendly multicultural team and I am convinced that online brand protection is absolutely essential in today’s age.

Living in Scotland

I really enjoy the Scottish lifestyle, especially the respect given to traditions but also given to each other. Life in Scotland is relaxing and peaceful.

I would definitely recommend moving to Scotland! It is a beautiful country with a lot of hidden treasures to discover. Scotland also has great professional opportunities and can offer an amazing quality of life.