Ludovic Farine, Swiss National, Living and Working in Scotland

Bonjour, my name is Ludovic! I came to Edinburgh for an interview, I had never been before, but as soon as I arrived, whether or not I passed the interview, I knew this was MY city and I would live here. Luckily, I passed, and the dream continues for 9 years!

Ludovic Farine Isle of Skye

Working in Scotland

I am the Head of Operations at Cloudsoft. What that means is trying to connect all the pieces and functions around the company, make our processes well understood and efficient, and ensure our projects with customers are successful. But also, that means caring for our people and making sure they enjoy their work and live and breathe our Company Values.

Living in Scotland

When I was 18, I went to Ireland for a month to improve my English in a community taking care of people with special needs. It was a true experience with so many international people speaking English sharing each other’s cultures.

Then I went to South Korea for an exchange semester during my university years. After graduating, the next step in my career was to go abroad again. I found a graduate scheme in Edinburgh and I arrived for the day to attend my interview. I had never been to Edinburgh before, but as soon as I arrived in the city, whether or not I passed the interview, I knew this was MY city and I would live here. Luckily, I passed the interview, and the dream continues for 9 years!

Edinburgh Fringe

I love how people are open and friendly. It reminds me of the "no worries" lifestyle in the French/Swiss border where I'm originally from. I love how people come together, meet up for a pint regardless of their age, culture, etc. There is always a reason to celebrate!

Not only is Edinburgh the city of festivals, it's a small city in size but there are so many things to do and places to visit. Also, literally on your doorstep, green fields, and hills to take in fresh air. It's beautiful regardless of the season. And come on, it doesn’t rain that much!


In Scotland, life is less frantic than in London for example. It's easy to go from one part of Edinburgh to another. But also, with now more and more companies allowing you to work from home, you can decide to live anywhere in Scotland. Even on the most remote island and live with cute puffins!

I'm more of a city boy so I love to hang out with friends at the pub or have a BBQ in the park during summer days.


How people follow the rules but become inventive to still socialise. Virtual Pub Quiz or Pizza competitions that I have done with my work colleagues for example. Also, how people care for each other during these difficult times.

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