Prakash Nair, Singapore National, Studying and Working in Scotland

Greetings everyone! I’m Prakash and I am studying BSc Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Edinburgh.

Prakash Nair, Singapore National

Studying in Scotland

I came to Edinburgh to take advantage of the city’s unique role as a leader in Machine Learning and AI. From the University’s reputation as a research powerhouse to the incredible AI start-ups based in and around the city, I have gained world-class education and work experience, all while rubbing shoulders with industry leaders and experts. The School of Mathematics in particular is of great renown, and I struggle to think of a better place to earn my degree.

Living in Scotland

Picture this: You’re slowly ambling your way down the Royal Mile in search of some good grub and a dram of whisky. The sun begins to set over the Gothic skyline and the evening comes alive with the sound of bagpipes. As idyllic as it may sound, I’m proud so admit that this is just another day in my life. The atmosphere of Edinburgh is unparalleled and is the perfect complement to the distinct convenience of living in the city.

Prakash Nair Edinburgh

As a whisky fanatic, the variety and history of the countless distilleries dotted around Scotland is of great appeal, while rugged, gorgeous nature add an added sense of drama and awe to proceedings.

Relocating to Scotland proved to be a particularly easy process with requirements such as opening a bank account and finding accommodation proving to be of straightforward and of no tedium. For lovers of nature, whisky, history and culture, moving to Scotland will surely prove to be a rewarding and life-changing experience. I am proud to call Scotland my home away from home and I am certain that others will agree wholeheartedly.

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