Sri Sri Perangur, Indian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Namaste! I’m Sri Sri. After moving from India to study computer science in the UK, I found my dream job with Skyscanner in Edinburgh.

Sri Sri Skyscanner

Having left Bangalore to study in York, Sri Sri Perangur admired the work of Skyscanner but was under the impression that the company was based in Silicon Valley. When she discovered that they operate from Edinburgh, Sri Sri found her perfect position as a Data Scientist and has now made the move to Scotland

Why work in Scotland

I come from Bangalore and applied to few top places to study engineering, including America, Australia and the UK. I then went to a roadshow event where the University of York was attending and discovered it was in the top five universities in the UK for Computer Science. I wanted my undergraduate degree to be tailored and flexible and the UK is the best for that. 

While I was in York I heard about Skyscanner but didn’t realise they were based in the UK. The concept of what they were doing was really exciting, especially from a technology point of view.  Like most booming internet companies, they also had a lot of data challenges emerging, which made it all the more attractive for a Data Scientist like me.

I was really pleased when I found out they were based in Edinburgh as it had always been on my ‘bucket list’ of places I wanted to live.

Working at Skyscanner

I checked the company website and they had a vacancy for a data scientist, which was just what I was looking for so I applied and was really happy to be successful. Meeting the team and seeing the kind of work they do made me realise it was the right choice for me. I moved up to Edinburgh in November 2015.

Skyscanner has a culture that encourages asking questions and where you aren’t penalised if you make mistakes. Data Science is a new and evolving subject so sometimes it’s about learning what went wrong and communicating that so it doesn’t happen again. Everyone is interested in sharing knowledge and considering all of the opinions. 

You could be with Skyscanner for three years and it would be like being with another company for 10 years. That’s how much you learn here.

Living in Scotland

I’ve been really surprised by the diversity in the food and restaurant scene in Scotland. I’m a vegetarian and have found lots of nice vegetarian places which I didn’t expect. Edinburgh also has a great pub culture.

I like to climb and have discovered Alien Rock in Leith, which is in the north of Edinburgh. As soon as I have more time I’d like to go hiking up north.

Edinburgh is also great for shopping and feels very grand compared to going to a shopping mall and the over-crowded streets in London. I’m really enjoying settling in and getting to know the city.