Theodora Vlachopoulou, Greek National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hello! I’m Dora. I moved from Greece to Scotland to join J.P. Morgan in 2008. During that time I've been able to advance my career, move into different roles and gain valuable experience. When I'm not working, there’s lots to do. I enjoy the theatre, delicious food and exploring nearby countryside.

Theodora Vlachopoulou

Dora swapped her small sun-drenched village on the Greek island of Corfu for the cosmopolitan splendour of Edinburgh to study. Since 2008 she has worked for one of the largest banks in the world, J.P. Morgan in Glasgow. She loves the city life and enjoys the theatre, many restaurants and nearby countryside.

Why work in Scotland

My older sister was already studying in London so I wanted to go abroad too. I chose the University of Edinburgh because its degree in computer science was highly rated.

I didn’t know anyone in Scotland but quickly made friends, particularly when I rented a flat with a group of Scottish students. I really enjoyed living in Edinburgh - I met people from all over the world.

I wanted to work in the finance sector because I knew I wouldn’t just be stuck in front of a computer all day. I attended the university job fairs and talked with a number of banks but was most impressed by the career opportunities with J.P. Morgan. I decided to apply for a job with them and got it.

Working at J.P. Morgan

I joined the Product Support team in 2008 and from there moved into different roles within the Corporate and Investment Bank area whilst also progressing to Vice President. More recently I have moved to Private Bank area as a Project Manager, where I am still in the learning phase but am quickly expanding my network and settling in.

I am looking forward to the continued challenges and am excited about learning more about this line of business which is completely new to me.

Living in Scotland

I live in Glasgow, which I really like because it’s a larger city than Edinburgh. I love going to the theatre – especially musicals – there’s lots of shows to enjoy. There are so many wonderful restaurants, and when I’m longing for the taste of home – there’s some good Greek ones too!

When I’m not enjoying the city, I like to take short trips into the country. I love that the landscape changes so quickly and dramatically from city to rolling countryside to mountains and lochs – the scenery is great!