Zsolt Podoba-Szalai, Hungarian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Szia, my name is Zsolt. Scotland has a booming IT industry and lots of opportunities to progress. I enjoy the level of work-life balance I have here.

Zsolt Podoba-Szalai

I taught English and history back home in Hungary. In Scotland, I’ve had a chance to use my experience to teach people coding and enhance their own career prospects.

Why work in Scotland?

I had been considering making the move to the UK or Germany with my girlfriend for about three years as I wanted to make the most of my language skills. After working as a teacher in Budapest, I was ready for a fresh challenge.

We decided to move to Scotland because of its high standard of education, which appealed to my girlfriend because she was looking to further her studies. I soon joined CodeClan and discovered that if you work hard, new opportunities will open up for you.

Scotland has a rich history but, like Hungary, it also has a high demand for IT professionals. However, it also offers salaries and long-term prospects are better than at home.

I’d recommend the TalentScotland website to anyone thinking of relocating as it’s a useful resource with lots of relevant information.

Working at CodeClan

I initially enrolled in one of CodeClan’s courses. When I successfully completed it, I persuaded them to give me an interview for the position of Assistant Instructor – even though they weren’t hiring at the time.

My passion for teaching, combined with my love of coding, was obviously a good fit and they offered me the role. Being able to make a difference to people’s lives by helping them learn new skills gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Because I had studied with CodeClan, the transition to working here was easy. My teachers became my colleagues and we all work together to achieve a common goal for our students. There’s a real sense of teamwork here which makes it enjoyable.

Living in Scotland

Scotland has so much going for it. Delicacies such as haggis and black pudding are similar to some we have back home. There is a small Hungarian community in Edinburgh, but I have many Scottish friends now too.

Overall, there’s an accepting culture and I’ve found the Scottish people to be generous and charitable.

In my spare time I enjoy training for events including Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race, going for walks up Arthur’s Seat (an extinct volcano in Edinburgh) and visiting the many nearby beaches.

I would recommend relocating to Scotland to people in any industry sector or for studying – I’ve enjoyed every minute of my three years here and plan to stay for a long time.

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